Clancy Catholic College, West Hoxton

Taking a big step forward in the staged development of the Clancy Catholic College, West Hoxton.

The Client’s main objectives:

Achieve an on time, on budget result for Stage 7 in the school development program across three separate phases of; procurement, demolition and construction to produce:

  • A new visual arts and fitness building
  • New canteen and flexible learning area
  • New access road playing courts, hardstand play area and associated stairs and ramps
  • Refurbished break out areas
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CoWyn West Hoxton 39

The Solution

Create a scope of service that made it our problem to deliver everything that was needed, so the client could get on with running the school. This ultimately involved being client representative and taking on full project management of the project including:

  • Delivery strategies associated with an operating school
  • Procurement of the builder/contractor and managing the client approvals
  • Managing the contractor to build, commission and complete the project
  • All contract administration of the construction contract between the client and the contractor
  • Stakeholder management while under construction
  • Post construction defect rectification and close out

Outcomes delivered

  • Project delivered, on time and on budget
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