Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC)

The brief: Project manage a 20,000sqm churn project in a live environment whilst keeping the Marsh & McLennan Companies (MMC) office fully operational. A significant challenge.

The Client’s main objectives:

The catalyst for the project was the opportunity to integrate the JLT business with MMC colleagues. The objectives:

    • Leverage the process of transitioning from a traditional work environment to a new activity-based environment to support integration
    • Deliver the works in a way that allowed the business to remain in-situ
    • Provide a pilot space to train teams on the new technology before the transition into their final, fitted out location

The Solution

A key solutions to the project:

  • Identify a pilot space to provide temporary accommodation while each floor was fitted out
  • Use the pilot space to train the teams in the new technology

Supported with:

  • A detailed staging plan to provide whole floor refurbishment – reducing overall programme, minimising business impact and reducing safety risks
  • A design solution to provide activity-based working while also utilising smaller desks to increase occupancy
  • Application of a share ratio to increase occupancy while also providing sufficient alternative setting to ensure that everyone can be accommodated if needed

Management of supply chain to endure delivery of programme ahead of business expectations

Outcomes delivered

    • Project completed ahead of schedule and under budget
    • Minimal impact to business as usual
    • A design of floors that allowed occupancy to increase by over 170 while also densifying occupancy to allow for a whole floor to be subleased – The resultant reduction in rental outgoing meant that the project was cost neutral (even before depreciation is considered)
    • A major added bonus was that the project gave the business the ability to work remotely during the current COVID-19 pandemic
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