Pepper Group

Pepper Group needed support for their rapidly expanding global property portfolio across a wide diversity of settings, including Asia, UK, Europe & North America, as well as the flagship fitout of the head office in North Sydney.

The Client’s main objectives:

  • Build a public image – A property solution on brand that could increase recognition and visibility of the Pepper brand attitude to future customers and clients
  • Amplify innovative thinking – Support Pepper‘s teams to work in agile ways
  • Global connectivity – Support teams to work together across global locations
  • Enabling growth – Meet Pepper’s rapid growth with sustainable property solutions across the organisation

The Solution

A progressive property model to cater for rapid growth, delivering:

  • Workplace design – Offering a kit of parts able to be deployed globally
  • Information technology – Include the design & distribution of a companywide IT strategy
  • Workplace change – A well-structured change management program, which introduced and embedded flexible ways of working

Outcomes delivered

  • Innovative workplaces in Sydney, London, Hong Kong, The Philippines, South Korea and Canada
  • The new model revolutionised Pepper Group’s workplace culture and increased the marketability of the business in attracting & retaining talent in the competitive financial services sector
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