St Christopher’s Panania

A fast-growing school, St. Christopher’s Catholic Primary School, Panania needed to increase the student facilities on site. Our role was to lead a multi-phase redevelopment to upgrade and expand the school facilities in a tight space, reinventing the school to reflect the fast-growing environment and showcase the progressive and contemporary nature of the school.

The Client’s main objectives:

  • Provide quality, flexible, high performing learning spaces
  • Minimum disruption to the school children
  • Value for money and timely completion
  • Highest level of safety for the operating site

The Solution

There were three keys to success. First, was expertise in running an operational site. Any building works in operating schools require the highest safety procedures, even more so in a primary school, to ensure everything is contained and access is restricted.

Second, success lay in assisting the consultant team and the contractor in developing and implementing a number of value engineering options for the project to deliver a state of the art new facility for the growing school population.

The third requirement was to be extremely hands on. Due to the sheer number of stakeholders and complexity of the project, it was crucial that we played a highly involved role in delivery. This meant careful management of the builder, AV contractor, the school and SCS IT, for delivery of a functional solution that met – and exceeded – school needs and expectations. All this helped to ensure a smooth transition between the Stage 2 and Stage 3 projects that were designed to adjoin each other, with Stage 3 scheduled to commence hard on the heels of the Stage 2 project.

Outcomes delivered

  • The hands-on work with the consultant team and the contractor meant a successful handover of the project within budget and well ahead of the forecasted handover date
  • Despite a number of on-site issues, the project was successfully delivered within budget and marked the end of the multi-phase redevelopment for the capital works upgrade of the school
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