Stone & Chalk - Melbourne

Stone & Chalk needed the procurement and delivery of a new workplace to establish a 3,000sqm start-up hub in Melbourne to help accelerate the development of Australian start-ups.

The Client’s main objectives:

  • Create a Community – Stone & Chalk support start-ups & scale-ups by providing structured programs and facilitating access to Customers, Capital, Talent, Expertise, Community and Insights
  • Enable Commercial success for start-ups – Where 90% of start-ups fail in their first five years, Stone & Chalk have a proven track record of 80% success rate for commercialising success for their residents
  • Partner with Government – Establish a collaborative partnership with the Victorian State Government

The Solution

Tight teamwork with the local Melbourne team, to ensure Stone & Chalk’s objectives for their Victorian hub would be reflected in the new workplace.

Being involved in the Expression Of Interest and technical due diligence phases enabled us to advise Stone & Chalk on workplace design and delivery risk and assist them in structuring a partnership with the Victorian State Government to create their thoroughly unique ecosystem in the heart of Melbourne.

Outcomes delivered

  • A curated workplace to establish and develop a Stone & Chalk community in Victoria
  • A cost-effective result, reflective of the nature of the client
  • Delivery of high density, flexible, collaborative space while complying with heritage and fire engineering requirements in a unique space
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