Munich Re

The project was to fit-out 2,600sqm of new office accommodation within 60 Martin Place, Sydney, delivering spaces to support activity-based working across styles and settings.

The Client’s main objectives:

  • Office relocation to an environment designed to support a more collaborative and activity based working style
  • Provide a number of differing work settings to support a range of activities, from focused work to team collaboration
  • Leverage technology to support coordination
  • Stay on top of the budget

The Solution

Planning and technology

Focus on the up-front planning to ensure the most suitable ‘activity base design’ would be used to support the needs of the Munich Re business.

Integrate changes to the physical workplace with a technology solution to deliver a conduit for coordination, and support the most seamless, coordinated transition possible to a new workstyle.

Stay on top of budget

  • Hands on management of the complex global client approvals process
  • Management of Authority and Landlords approvals – working closely with the building owner / landlord, to navigate the detailed landlord approvals process, whilst identifying, and having the landlord rectify, issues with the base building that had the ability to impact the Munich RE programme, prior to taking possession of the site to avoid any impact to the programme or budget

Outcomes delivered

  • Upfront planning was leveraged to inform the project design and its delivery methodology
  • Delivery was ahead of time and under budget – with not a single deadline missed throughout the design and procurement phase
  • Delivery of significant cost savings achieved as part of overcoming budget challenges
  • The project saw a successful transition to a new Munich Re working style
  • Change process alignment with project delivery
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